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Sample Audio Book Fail

So I’m trying to compile a sample audio book of The Healing Pool to post on the interwebs, but I’ve run into an interesting problem: I sound so bored!

Let me explain: I do not believe my book is boring. I do not believe reading is boring. I think the process of reading my book for the 1000th time while noticing the little grammar errors I missed is throwing me off! Also, the idea that I need a recording that is free from messed up words/sounds/etc. makes for several start-overs and reading again. And again. and again….

I wish that an audio book could have a “live” version, kinda like how some musicians have live recordings of their songs on CDs and such. I wish there were kids oohing and aahhing in the background or something to give it that extra punch. I don’t think it works that way though…

Any tips for recording an audio book to make it sound as awesome as I want it to be? My recording equipment is not stellar, but then this is a sample audio book. I’m not trying to sell this or anything, I just want people to get interested and excited! Any advice on how to sound interested or excited while reading would be great to hear please.

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