About Me

I am Linnea and I have been destined to be a starving artist.  From a young age I began writing: poetry, novels (kinda), short stories, and anything that would get me creating.  When I got to high school I fell in love with music and my creative outlets shifted towards music performance.  I spent years practicing and preparing for college, and then I spent another two years gearing myself up for the professional world.

It was in my second year of college that I began having issues with chronic pain.  I have always had “growing pains” but whatever was going on was moving into my wrists and hands and eventually into my teeth!  After visiting three dentists and four doctors I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  Not at all a death sentence, but still something that was not going away.

I spent a year struggling with chronic pain before finally deciding that a career as a professional clarinetist was not for me.  I love to play and I don’t plan on giving up music, but the grueling lifestyle of a free-lance musician is not one that I will physically be able to handle.

Despite dealing with pain I found myself gravitating back to writing.  I have re-discovered my joy for creating something, and I find nothing more amazing than being able to create something and let it have it’s own “life.”  I know that poems and short stories are not living being, but for each person that decides to read a book it becomes part of their life for that short while.  That is such an amazing thing!

I am now starting a new life plan, one that involves lots of writing, research, and making my own schedule.  It is a scary thing to change one’s mind so drastically while in the midst of a receiving a college degree, but I have no regrets.  I am ready to face the real world, or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.  Let’s see what happens!

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