To Do Lists

I love lists. I always have. It started when I was a kid creating massive “creative” lists of names for horses with my friend Cece. That then turned to names for creatures/characters in the books I tried to write in middle school, and eventually graduated to normal adult To Do lists including chores, groceries, and not forgetting simple things.

I’ve got several MS projects in the works, and now that most of the writing is “done,” I need to start focusing on other aspects of writing. I need critique partners, MS swaps, query help, agent names, the list goes on and on. Going back to my roots in list making, I made one on a little piece of paper. It was great, some small things to make me feel like I accomplished something (who doesn’t love crossing things off a list?), big picture things to work towards, smaller projects to tinker with to keep the creative juices going. Awesome, right?

Then I lost it.

Sure, it wasn’t hard to remember all those things, but after I lost my list I felt the need to create a new list before I could get anything done. (#Procrastination)

Guess what happened to that list?

Then I decided what I needed to do was simple: get a post-it note app for my laptop. Handwriting is soooo much more satisfying (again, crossing things off is the best adrenaline rush), but my ability to loose things defeated the purpose of having a list.

Honestly, why didn’t I do this weeks ago? When I open my laptop, BAM, the list is staring at me, judging me, telling me to do things. It’s a little thing, but I’ve already crossed something off this morning. If it works, go right ahead and do it, no matter how simple or silly you think it is.

What is on your list?


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2 responses to “To Do Lists

  1. Me! Me! Me!! I’d be happy to trade MG MSs! However, I need to add wordage to help world build, and make the MC more connectable, likable. That’ll be during NaNoWriMo if you wanna wait that long!

    That’s one thing on my list. Another is getting a PB MS ready for submission.

    What Sticky ap do you use? I did have one on my laptop, but I’ve been thinking about one for my iPad.

    • Whoo NaNo! I’ve never actually done NaNoWriMo, but maybe this year I’ll at least try a daily edit/cross something off the list instead of taking a weekend off 🙂 I’m using the app “Simple Antnotes” on my Mac. Works well, but be careful, if you exit out of the note, it will delete forever. I set it up so it stays on all the time which works well. You get to customize the note color and “post-it” color. A great way to procrastinate with a post-it!

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