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The Writer’s Loft

Last night I went to the Writer’s Loft for their first class. This class was taught for over 20 years by Jerry Cleaver and is now run by Mary Carter. The first class is free and comes with Jerry’s first book. However, I am still debating if I want to commit to the class.

I have an amazing critique group right now that is inspiring and helps me stay motivated, but this workshop is not a critique. It is open to anyone at any stage in their writing and offers tools to write, inspire, and get published. A lot of what was talked about yesterday was information I already knew, but there were some things that were either new or good to hear out loud again. One of my concerns about the class is that this particular class has many people who are new to writing. I think, however, that this will be alright since the class is about tools to improve writing and not worrying about my work being critiqued by people new to writing. I was hoping that more advanced writers would be in the class, but as Jerry (or someone else famous) said: A professional is an amateur who didn’t quit. I cannot judge anyone in the class because, honestly, I am also just starting out. I may already have a self-published book, but writing is a never ending learning curve.

Honestly, the biggest issue right now is the cost. It’s $575 for the 6 weeks which is not too bad, but I’m on a budget and I have a sick rabbit to think about. I want to invest the money only if I know for sure that this will help me and right now I am not sure. The website is optimistic and the teacher believes in Jerry’s teaching and methods. I want to know if anyone reading this knows of this class or has taken it/knows someone who took it. I want my time and money to be well-spent. I think the first class is a tricky one since it is a long introduction to what will be taught. It’s hard to know how the class will go based on reviewing a syllabus, main points, and a writing exercise.

I’m reaching out to ask for advice. This workshop is well known and the teacher has published several books and worked personally with Jerry to learn to teach this course. There are so many reasons to take it but I am still worried about the investment. I have one week to decide whether or not to show up to class. Please help me out! A conversation about the pros and cons from current and aspiring authors would help me out immensely.

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