Gearing Up to Press SEND

I am getting myself ready to send my query letter out to agents! After finalizing 10 drafts, researching 50+ agents, and adding over 2,000 words to my rather short novel, I am feeling ready. I think my query is clear and I think my story is ready to be read by someone other than myself.

However, there is always that hesitation. That voice that says “something is missing.” I want to slap that voice across the mouth, but that voice is mine and so I don’t want to do that. That voice is getting quieter though. I’m feeling pretty good about what I have. I know that agents might have other ideas, but my goal for this round of agents is to at least get some positive criticism or perhaps an offer for a re-write. There is always room to improve and I would much rather an agent tell me to go back and fix something than to flat out say NO.

Now it’s time for me to press the SEND button. Everything is ready, time to jump in!…..

Yet I still hesitate. I do dislike rejection and it’s hard to know if they are rejecting me because of my query or the book idea. (Or both.) Once I send the query I think I will feel better. The waiting game begins, but at least I feel like I’ve accomplished something. I took the plunge and put my idea out into the world. That’s what’s important. A writer cannot be shy and I am getting bolder with my writing and from talking about my books. I want my friends to know about it, I want my blog readers to know about it. Time for an agent to read what I have put together!


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4 responses to “Gearing Up to Press SEND

  1. Do it!! Press SEND!!!!

  2. Congratulations! Now make sure to press the SEND button! Maybe don’t send all 50 out at the same time…maybe just send out ten and give it a week or two to see what kind of response you get. My short experience has been that MOST of the agents who’ve requested pages have done so within two weeks. My experience has also been that when my query needs work, the rejections come in REALLY quickly. Don’t mistake what I mean…some agents reject really quickly regardless of how bad or good your query is. They know what they’re looking for and the manuscript either has it or doesn’t. But in my first round of queries, I got A LOT of very quick rejects. I revamped my query and sent to the next ten or twenty and this time got a few quick rejects, but most of them took a little longer. I revamped again, and the rejects took even longer, but then I got a request or two. So be flexible and play with the query if you think it might help.

    Best wishes to you! This is such an exciting time.

    • Thank you so much, CH! I did indeed press SEND on 4 agents yesterday. I’m going in small batches for sure, although some of them you have to wait like 4 weeks to be sure they will not be getting back to you. At least they give a deadline, that’s important! Thanks for your advice and support. I will keep the blog updated on what I hear and if/when I change the query letter.

      • The waiting is the worst. I’m much better at GIVING advice than following it myself. I’m so anxious for a response that I have to make myself NOT send out 75 at a time! LOL.

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