Getting Back in the Marketing Groove

I’ve really been slacking on advertising The Healing Pool lately. With graduation, moving, new job, and life in general, I got a little distracted. However, since I’m working part-time I have time to read. Yesterday I finished the book 250 Ways to Promote Your Book by Patricia Fry. I’ve read her books before on publishing and I like her style. She’s honest and realistic, but is also reassuring that as long as I keep up with marketing I will be successful. She is a great reminder of how much work needs to go into each book, and that push has gotten me excited again.

The one flaw I found with Fry’s book was that most of her suggestions were geared towards non-fiction book. Tips like selling your cat book at a pet store or doing a cooking demonstration for a cook book. As a middle grade fantasy author I need to find fantasy places to get into. I’m thinking about trying to get a table at a comic con or perhaps doing a book sale at a comic store? I know The Healing Pool is not a comic book, but I’m trying to think of as many ideas as I can about where my book can fit in. Especially since my characters are not traditional fantasy characters (ie. no dragons, dwarves, or fairies etc.)

I’ve written several times that I am a “shameless advertiser” and that part of me is coming back. While I’m having trouble getting into things now to advertise I’m doing my best to plan ahead. I took Fry’s advice and decided to invest in promotional material. I ordered some new business cards and 3 different styles of buttons to give away at book signings and such. I’m getting excited! Now all I need to do is make positive connections and get my name out there.

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