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Piling Up

It has been a while since I have written here! Life has caught up with me. I’m fostering 5 bottle-fed kittens and I’ve been completely crazy keeping them fed and clean.

Anyway, I have slowly been getting queries out there and the rejections are beginning to pile up. While I appreciate hearing back from the agency versus waiting for 4 weeks until they for sure do not want anything, it is still a disappointment each time. I get that heart flutter each time I get a reply email back. That anticipation is so thrilling. I have a second where I get a flash that they want more, that they are excited!!!…and then no. I have not gotten any personal rejections either, but at least the “stock-rejections” are very polite and encouraging.

One thing I have learned that is encouraging is that agents are not rude. (At least not in their emails!) They always reassure authors in the rejection letter that everyone has different tastes and to keep writing and querying. It is so much better than them saying “NO” and leaving it at that. Agents know that they are picky and that the publishing industry is intense. If I were to tell other authors–or myself–anything about querying it would be that you need to expect a lot of rejection, but nothing you will hear back will be discouraging. The writing world is friendlier than some people think. For me and my experience with music I have found the writing world–at least through12x12 and SCBWI–extremely encouraging and supportive, whereas in music it can be more competitive.

I will keep writing and querying and I hope that you do the same. Keep it up! The journey is never over and that’s what makes it exciting.

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Gearing Up to Press SEND

I am getting myself ready to send my query letter out to agents! After finalizing 10 drafts, researching 50+ agents, and adding over 2,000 words to my rather short novel, I am feeling ready. I think my query is clear and I think my story is ready to be read by someone other than myself.

However, there is always that hesitation. That voice that says “something is missing.” I want to slap that voice across the mouth, but that voice is mine and so I don’t want to do that. That voice is getting quieter though. I’m feeling pretty good about what I have. I know that agents might have other ideas, but my goal for this round of agents is to at least get some positive criticism or perhaps an offer for a re-write. There is always room to improve and I would much rather an agent tell me to go back and fix something than to flat out say NO.

Now it’s time for me to press the SEND button. Everything is ready, time to jump in!…..

Yet I still hesitate. I do dislike rejection and it’s hard to know if they are rejecting me because of my query or the book idea. (Or both.) Once I send the query I think I will feel better. The waiting game begins, but at least I feel like I’ve accomplished something. I took the plunge and put my idea out into the world. That’s what’s important. A writer cannot be shy and I am getting bolder with my writing and from talking about my books. I want my friends to know about it, I want my blog readers to know about it. Time for an agent to read what I have put together!


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Getting Back in the Marketing Groove

I’ve really been slacking on advertising The Healing Pool lately. With graduation, moving, new job, and life in general, I got a little distracted. However, since I’m working part-time I have time to read. Yesterday I finished the book 250 Ways to Promote Your Book by Patricia Fry. I’ve read her books before on publishing and I like her style. She’s honest and realistic, but is also reassuring that as long as I keep up with marketing I will be successful. She is a great reminder of how much work needs to go into each book, and that push has gotten me excited again.

The one flaw I found with Fry’s book was that most of her suggestions were geared towards non-fiction book. Tips like selling your cat book at a pet store or doing a cooking demonstration for a cook book. As a middle grade fantasy author I need to find fantasy places to get into. I’m thinking about trying to get a table at a comic con or perhaps doing a book sale at a comic store? I know The Healing Pool is not a comic book, but I’m trying to think of as many ideas as I can about where my book can fit in. Especially since my characters are not traditional fantasy characters (ie. no dragons, dwarves, or fairies etc.)

I’ve written several times that I am a “shameless advertiser” and that part of me is coming back. While I’m having trouble getting into things now to advertise I’m doing my best to plan ahead. I took Fry’s advice and decided to invest in promotional material. I ordered some new business cards and 3 different styles of buttons to give away at book signings and such. I’m getting excited! Now all I need to do is make positive connections and get my name out there.

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