Graduated and Needing Query Letter Advice


I am officially a Lawrence University graduate! Of course I could not resist a little shameless advertising 🙂


Now that my school work is over and I am home for the summer I have time to get to work querying the next book! The book is done and in its third draft. I will keep picking at it, but I know it’s time to start querying. I am actually going to post the first draft of my query in this post. Please understand that it is a first draft! I will customize it to each agent later on, but for now I am looking for some help on the real meat of the query. I am curious to know what people think about the query and if it sounds like something you would read. Thank you for your help and support!

Dear :

Charley lives in two different worlds. Kingdom is where Fenn lives, her best friend who is also a dragon. Fenn protects her from The Evil, a monster that plagues Kingdom even though no one has ever seen it. Fenn knows that if The Evil discovers Charley that she will likely die, so she must do whatever he says to be sure that she is safe. However, no one back in Home understands what Charley is going through because dragons do not exist.

In Home, Charley’s mother Lily has to deal with her own dragons. As Charley’s delusions become more frightening Lily knows she must get help, but her abusive husband refuses to accept the fact that his child is sick. Lily’s only support system comes from her friend Ruby and Charley’s first grade teacher. With their help, Lily must find a way to confront her child’s illness and get away from her husband.

Charley’s Dragons is a 60,000 word novel following a troubled child and her family fighting to find out what is real and what is imaginary. While Charley’s perspective slips into the realm of fantasy, Charley’s Dragons is focused on realistic relationships and situations.

Linnea Garcia self-published her first novel The Healing Pool and worked with both Chris Eboch and Yellow Bird Editors to get the book to its final stages.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

-Linnea Garcia

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