To series or not to series

I’m working on another MG fantasy right now and I’m worried that it is turning into the beginning of a series. This might sound silly, but I have never had the desire to write a series of books! It seems like a lot to handle while still keeping the story interesting. I can’t tell right now if I’m rambling too much, but it appears that my characters want there to be more mystery and drama than I originally anticipated. I have written about 20,000 words, but based on where I am I know I need to go back to the beginning some more and develop some of the random side characters that have come to the forefront.

It’s so funny how books write themselves. I’m sure most if not all authors have had that moment where they are writing and think “I didn’t know that!” I love that moment. I love when the characters take over and dictate what is going to happen next. They might not write the whole story for me, but at least they have some idea about what’s going on!

At this point I think I will just keep going until the story ends or until it is officially too long to be one book. If it does turn into a series I might finish the first two in case an agent wants to get them out close together. That way I’ll have less pressure to complete the next book!

I can’t see this story going beyond three books. However, what happens if it is only two books? I feel like three is the magic number for series and only two books is awkward for some reason. I’ll keep plugging along with the book and hope it turns into one or three books. The last thing I want, though, is for the third book to read like it is a desperate attempt to keep the story going. I want it to flow and be as natural as possible to keep the readers engaged.

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