Moving on with Book #2 and #3!

Spring break has been great. Not only do I get to binge-watch Lost and mess with my mom’s cats, but I’m finally getting my writing routine back. I’m writing once a day about 1000 words so life is good for Book 3.

Book 2 is also going well. This is the novel I was worried about before since it deals with a child with mental illness. The illness that inspired this story is schizophrenia, but I have decided not to diagnose her. I’ve read the end a few times and I don’t think I have the right to label the girl with this illness when I have no personal experience with schizophrenia. She will have the same symptoms that are necessary for the story’s structure, but her diagnosis will be in progress.

In other news, I have people reading Book 2. Of course my mother loves it, but I’m having friends I respect and even one of my professors read the book to get some different opinions. I gave the MS to them 2 weeks ago and 2 people have finished the book! My friend read it and said she had trouble putting it down, and my professor (who said she did not have time until April) finished the book in a week! Both agree that there could be some tightening in some aspects of the book, but their obvious excitement about this MS has me excited as well. I feel like Book 2 has a better chance of getting an agent than The Healing Pool. While I love my first book I know it is not fine literature. It is fun and exciting, but I can see how it’s hard to get into the MG fantasy world. However, Book 2 felt much more real. It took me longer to write than The Healing Pool since a lot of the tension and emotion was affecting me personally. I want this book to be compelling, and I think letting the story get in my head has helped.

Anyway, in short I am excited! I am hoping to start querying agents this summer. How early in the summer will depend on how much work I get done while in my last term at school. The hardest class I’m taking is advanced poetry (#senioryear) so I think I will have time to work on stuff! However, I will need to enjoy my last few weeks as a student and that might butt into my writing time. Even if I don’t write 1000 words everyday, if I at least put 10 words on paper I hope to maintain my routine!

Any MS you are excited about? Let me know! Writing is always exciting. 🙂

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