My Business Project

This term in school I am working on a business plan/proposal to start my own publishing company. This class is designed for musicians to create a business for themselves whether it be a studio or website to connect composers and musicians, but the Dean of the conservatory is also thrilled to have non-music businesses in the class. Since I have already published a book on my own I am technically a business. I keep track of my sales, expenses, and profits. I have a basic but effective Xcel document that organizes my online sales and my personal sales. Createspace is nice since it keeps track of everything for me, but it can be frustrating since they wait so long to actually pay the author. At least everything is kept in a detailed record. I also have a blog, website, and facebook page to gain publicity and marketing.

So, in short, I have had a different experience in this class than my classmates. I am interested in maybe having a publishing company in the future, but for now the work I’m doing will be to gain knowledge on not only how to develop a publishing company but how to expand my current business. For example, part of the assignment is to have a name, mantra, and logo for the business to go on the website. The name I chose is an expansion of my current website: Garcia Originals Publishing. It’s pretty simple, but the name Garcia Originals came from my dad. Everything he makes from pasta sauce to wood carvings he dubs a “Garcia Original.” The name stays. My mantra is “See What Happens” since the original title for this blog was “Let’s See What Happens!”

The current “logo” for my website is a fancy font. However, this class has given me the inspiration to get a fancier logo! I have my Book Bag which I carry around with me at all times. It has books to sell along with bookmarks and business cards to hand out. It even has a stuffed baby rhino named Rhodes. He’s been in the bag since the beginning and I think that he deserves to be my logo! I contacted a graphic designer friend and he’s working on a professional logo for me right now! I can’t wait to see what the final product is, but it features Rhodes holding a quill pen!

In short, some of the simplest details I’m learning in this class will help make my current business and mock-publishing business look professional and exciting. I am excited to create another website and share it with you all for comments and critique. If there’s anything on my current website you would like to see, please let me know! I am still new to the business of a self-published author and I will take all of the help and support I can get!

I will leave you with this picture of Rhodes. Have a great weekend!

rhodes 1

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