Fun with Marketing!

This week has been crazy! It is the first week back at Lawrence and classes and rehearsals are taking over my life again. I miss being able to bum around at home, but duty calls!

Despite my insane school schedule I have been able to get a few things nailed down. I will be having my first official book signing and Q&A in a couple weeks at my school library! I had fun making a poster design today. I will post it below! The Mudd library bought a copy of the book without much prompting, but I initiated the idea of the book signing. They were more than happy to host me, and even suggested one of the nicer rooms to hold the event in. Now the fun part: getting people to come. I know a lot of my friends have rehearsal that day, but I can sell them books anytime. The key is to get other students/faculty I don’t know excited about the book.

I also have an appointment with the youth librarian at the Appleton Public Library. She wants to meet with me to discuss the book and whether it “fits their demographic” before we set a date. Personally, I think a middle grade fantasy will be a big hit. I do not anticipate any issues with that. I will let you know when that event is too! I’ll probably cheat and use the same poster template though. Sorry! 😉

In the mean time I have been carrying books around with me everywhere I go. I have sold 6 copies on campus doing this! Accessibility is key. It’s also fun to walk around with the books and shamelessly advertise to my friends!

Let me know what you think of the poster! What other marketing strategies do you like to use?

Poster The Healing Pool


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5 responses to “Fun with Marketing!

  1. Hi Linnea.
    Congratulations! With my book all but done, just waiting on the final interior book format from CS due next week, I’ve been doing some pre-release marketing myself. Are we having fun yet? I’ve found my book’s Facebook page to be the best resource. We’re up to over 6K likes and I’ve been for weeks been running a “like the page and be signed-up for a chance to win a free, signed copy promo.” Of course, all the likes automatically get new page posts, which hopefully will translate into some book sales. Here’s my page link if you want to check it out. Best wishes. Happy weekend in Appleton. Rich

    • Congrats! Glad to hear that you already have a good following for the book. I have not done a “chance to win a free book” promo yet. I will think about that. I have a FB page for myself, not the book alone. I’m not sure I want to have a separate page for just the book, but would that be helpful? My page has a couple hundred likes (check it out below!) but I think my lack of cute dog pictures might be part of that!

      • Hi. What I did on the advice of my daughter who is a PR person, is create a page on my own facebook page for the book. I joined a bunch of FB dog related groups (I guess you’d search for young adult fantasy, etc) and then started posting about the book. Once I got to 500 likes Jen recommended trying the book giveaway offer and the page likes more than doubled the next week. Then they went from 1K to over 6K in the next 5 weeks. I don’t know if it would work in other areas but in my little niche it seems like it has. Good luck.

  2. That’s a great idea! I will see what I can find. Let me know when your book is officially out! It’s such an exciting feeling.

  3. BTW, your book page gets created right from your own FB page. You just go to create a new page and name it w. your book title. Pretty easy to set up and FB treats it as a business page and provides all kinds of neat tools, reports, etc. Perhaps something to think about.

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