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Third Time’s the Charm!

Sorry about the previous post. I had several errors with the pictures showing the two proofs. I will try to create a delayed post with pictures you can all see.

In other news, I am happy to announce a BOOK LAUNCH!!!! “The Healing Pool” is now available for purchase. The ebook version should be available tomorrow, but the paperback is ready today! I am so excited about this and I hope you all get a chance to read it!

Buy it Here!

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The proof came in today! It’s a real book!!!



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Proof in the Making!

I just sent off the MS to createspace for approval! In 24 hours I should get an email from them and then have the proof copy on its way to me! I’m hoping to have the proof before the end of the week, but that might be wishful thinking. I’m just so excited to see my book as a REAL BOOK! This is real and I am too excited for words!

After the proof is in the final steps are approving the book and then making sure all the formatting works for a Kindle. I’m going to have this book approved and ready before the end of the month! It has been a 2 year process from the writing to the editing to the rejection letters to the self-publishing. While I know the book may never be perfect (let’s face it, I’m my own worst critic) I do feel that it is ready and that the time to publish is now. I have no bad feelings or hesitations at all at this point. Now it’s pure excitement and anticipation.

Hopefully the next post will have a picture of the proof! Keep your fingers crossed that they put the cover on straight!

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Questions for Y’all

I’m so close I can taste it! I have a couple questions for my self-publishing peers (and my other friends of course!) that are bugging me!

1. Copyright? Will I need to apply for one?

2. White or cream paper? 🙂 (It’s a Middle grade fantasy if that changes your view!)

3. How does the About the Author page information look? Anything to add/subtract?

Linnea García developed a love of writing at an early age. She started to write novels at the age of 10 and writing poetry in middle school. She won the first and third prize Jo-Anne Hirshfield Memorial Poetry Award in 2007 and had poetry published in the Lawrence University literary magazine Topos in 2011. García was raised in Evanston, IL and is graduating from Lawrence University in 2015.

The Healing Pool is García’s first novel and her first experience with the crazy world of self-publishing. Visit her blog “Let’s See What Happens” ( to read about her struggles and triumphs in the world of self-publishing. Also visit her website ( for information on book signings, sales, and more.

4. Should I add a classy black and white picture to my About the Author page?

You all are the best! Thanks for the support!


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I am having a lot of fun formatting the book! Createspace has lots of templates to help with the correct margins and such. I even splurged a bit and bought a swoosh! My cover artist used the swoosh on the back cover and I decided it would be fun to add it to the paragraph breaks in the text as well.

The most tedious part to formatting for me was making sure that each new chapter had the right amount of space. It took about an hour to make sure the chapter title was centered between equal amounts of space. There are so many little details to formatting and since I chose to format myself I need to make sure the book looks as professional as possible.

I chose not to hire a formatter because of financial constraints and because Createspace is very user-friendly. I only have Microsoft Word to work with, but I think I did a pretty good job on my own. (Feel free to comment below on how it looks so far!) I have not plugged my MS into Createspace yet and I’m a curious to see how well it all lines up. In an ideal world since I used their templates and all that, I will just plug it in and be good to go! I have no idea if that is actually going to be true. I am 90% done with the MS though, so I will let you know soon whether or not Createspace is honest with their templates!

PS. Below is my first screenshot ever! I learned to do this just for you! 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 10.11.40 AM


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