Round 2 Edits-DONE!

I have finally gotten through the second round of edits from my copy editor! It took longer than anticipated because of school starting and all that jazz, but it feels so good to finally have it done.

The edits for this round were much more straight forward than my edits from my content editor. It was a lot of approving commas and sentence structure changes. There were a few comments my second editor suggested, but she did not make changes to the story. Not having to worry about any more plot modifications made this round of edits much smoother and less mentally taxing.

My next step for the book is to read through it twice and work on formatting. I’m actually looking forward to formatting the book now! It was scary when I first began researching it, but since I am publishing through Createspace there are templates I can use and easy instructions all over the internet. I know it will be tedious to make sure all of the chapters line up and make sure that there’s the right amount of pages between the title page and the first chapter of the book. The templates will help with that, but I will keep you posted about how the process goes!

One step closer to publication! Keep your eyes out for “The Healing Pool” this Thanksgiving!


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8 responses to “Round 2 Edits-DONE!

  1. Hi Linnea, I’m expecting my edits back from CS by Friday. I’m pretty anxious.
    Any tips on using their working w. track changes, etc? Did you print out a copy to work off of? Do the editorial comments show on the paper copy?
    Thanks for helping calm down my stress level. Oh, this is nerve wracking!

  2. Hi Rich!

    Yes, edits can be very nerve-wracking! I did not use CS to edit my book, so I do not know what their formats are for editing. For my content editor she did everything pen and paper, so I also used the copy she sent me to add my own corrections before transferring them to the computer. My second editor used the Editor application in Word so I could just accept or deny changes. The second edits was much easier to get through since it was mainly formatting and grammar changes. Content editing took a couple weeks for me to get through since many of the changes required some thought about how I wanted to proceed with the book.

    For me, I trusted my gut with the edits that came back. There were many changes I received that made a lot of sense, even if it meant cutting/changing entire chapters or big scenes. (I ended up cutting entire chapters and realized that they were not missed in the plot after all!) There were other suggestions that I decided not to keep. For example, there is a scene in my book where Gira is at a large table with some tree creatures eating a meal. I spent about a page or so describing the food and the table setting. My editor wanted me to cut some of the detail since it was not driving the plot, but in that case I decided to keep the descriptions. I really enjoyed writing that section and wanted it to be apart of the experience for the reader.

    Does this help a little? Keep up the hard work and be patient! Let me know if you have any more questions and I will do my best to help you.

    • Hi Linnea,

      Wow, you have been incredibly helpful. Muchas gracias! I believe that CS uses the same editor app in Word and I’m relieved to hear that it worked well for you. I may die of a heart attack between now and Friday, only kidding. It is really stressful but I’m trying to keep my focus on seeing this book get out there into the world. I can’t imagine the joy and sense of accomplishment of holding your first published book in your hands. Best wishes!

      Thanks again. Rich

      • Hi!
        Don’t be stressed about anything! This is an exciting process. You will be getting comments on how to make the book better! Have fun with it and see how the story grows.

      • My wife also loved your earlier response. Thanks for writing back again. We have a duaghter in her mid-twenties, who lives in Boston. We often comment that we love hanging out with people younger than us, as they tend to be so positive and less afraid to embrace new experiences than us “oldsters.” Your encouragement has been so welcomed and helpful. Say hi to Appleton for us. 🙂 Rich

  3. Hi Linnea,
    My edits and letter arrived early this am. I, too will be doing some rewrites but I think they’ll be confined to only parts of chapters, and not too many pages at that. Funny my editor had the same concerns that I had! I got the manuscript doc set up in the track changes mode w/o much difficulty and it is pretty easy to use, just like you said. Thanks again for your help and support. Rich

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