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Website Launch!

I officially have an author website! “The Healing Pool” is still in progress (moving back to college has still halted the project) but I now have a website that will in the future be a spot to check for book signing locations/dates, buy book, and more! Feel free to check it out and post comments! I would love to hear any feedback or hear if you are working on your own site too!

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Timing is Everything

I finally got my edits back from my second editor a couple days ago! I had to send it in a couple days later than I planned since I had to change the ending of the book, so naturally the turn-around was later than the original date. As excited as I am to tear through the book again, I have to admit I have not looked at the edits at all. The timing is not ideal for the time being.

I have not looked at the edits since I am now returning to college! I got the edits two days before I left which meant that packing and other preparations took up my time. I then drove up to WI to visit family, and then the next day moved to school, and now today there are auditions for ensembles! I am a clarinet performance major so rehearsing and practicing is the most important thing at school.

Another timing issue I have to address is the fact that I have my senior recital in 4 weeks! I was hoping to have the book available by October, but since I got it back later than planned and school is starting up everything feels overwhelming. My recital now has to take priority, even though I would rather spend time with the book. Life is catching up with me.

I am now taking a step back and planning how I am going to approach the book. I have arranged 40-60 minutes a day in my schedule to work on the edits. I have no idea how long it will take me to get through all 98,000 words but as long as I make a little progress everyday I will be happy. I have accepted that I will have to push the publication period back a bit, so now I am hoping to publish in November. At least I can get the book out before the holidays and maybe plan a couple of book signings/sales for presents!

I knew self-publishing was time consuming and a lot of work when I began, but I admit it is MUCH more stressful and time-sucking than I thought. I am not giving up though! This book is my trial run. It has given me an idea of what to expect for future books. Although I am frustrated that everything has to be pushed back I keep reminding myself that I am on the right track. I am going to publish a book and people are going to read it. Before the end of this year I will be holding a paperback in my hands and the stress that this process has caused me will be worth it. Now I need to keep the end goal in mind. I am so close to publishing. There are just a few more big steps to take!

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