I have not one but TWO endorsements for The Healing Pool! I am so excited I could jump out of my skin!

I was not thinking about endorsements at all until another author I was talking to asked if I had asked around for them. As a young, first time, self-publishing author I have very few contacts. I made a friend on the SCBWI website who writes YA fiction and children’s books. I asked him first and he was happy to help! I might be endorsing his next book as well which is pretty great.

I’ve noticed that endorsements are social creatures. It is rare to see one endorsement unless it’s from something big like NY Times that no one else can top. I needed to find more people. I decided instead of waiting for connections to come to me to go head-first into the world of networking. I’ve made everything about this book work so far. Now it is time to make connections! I found a few authors from the SCBWI website I recognized with books in the same vein as The Healing Pool. I emailed a couple of them and I just got an email from a woman who wants to endorse me as well!

Networking is such an important thing. As a babysitter I have learned from experience that word of mouth is the most powerful method of communication. I have gotten many jobs and met many families from recommendations, and I hope that my book experiences similar success. I need to step out of my comfort zone and give the book a push forward, but hopefully my efforts now will pay off in the future.

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