Accomplishing All the Things!

Yesterday I finished round two of my editing while listening to the LOTR soundtrack. It was an epic experience!

At this point I have gone through the edits from my content editor twice. All of the changes she suggested I have reviewed and most of them have been applied. The ending of the book is completely different! My editor pointed out that I spent too much time saying good-bye to all the characters (kinda like the ending of Return of the King) so I had to cut 7 chapters while still keeping my favorite moments. I was worried that the ending was not going to come together but I made it work. Let’s just say that Zipha still got her moment. I’ll let you read the book to find out what I mean!

Today I accomplished all sorts of things. I am hiring a copy editor to be picky about my grammar, punctuation, etc. I sent them their downpayment and a signed contract and the MS this afternoon! I also paid my cover artist and sent her back her questionnaire. At this point I am on track to actually be published! The goal is to be published by the end of October. Maybe the book will come out on my birthday! (October 8, you all better remember that!)

My only real stressor at this point is the little blurb for the back of the book. It’s so difficult to describe a whole novel in 250 words or less, especially when its your own writing!

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