Snail Editing

So I have have gotten through the first round of edits. I read through my editor’s feedback on my printed MS and now all I need to do is apply the changes she and I made to the word doc.

It is the most agonizing process! I spent an hour today making changes and getting into the writing. I felt I made a good dent in my MS. I was adding action and detail and cutting sections and feeling good! Turns out I got through 5 pages in that hour.

It’s frustrating how slow the process is, but I do feel that certain areas are improving. The section I spent an hour on today was a crucial section in the plot. I changed a major plot point so I had to eliminate pages of unnecessary text. The remaining sections had actions that happened too quickly and needed better pacing. I think that this section now reads better and is more dramatic and suspenseful!

While I am enjoying getting into this book again, I can’t help but feel annoyed that this editing step is not going very quickly. I thought since I wrote in most of the changes in the hardcopy MS this step would just fly by. Obviously that is not true. The timeline for the book has changed so many times. The editing process alone has taken twice as long as I wanted. At least in the future I will know what to expect. The second book will feel much easier…I hope!


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2 responses to “Snail Editing

  1. I just finished up a second edit of my upcoming release last week. It is an agonizingly slow process at times, especially when major revisions are involved. But, even just going through the minutia (did I seriously misspell “reins” as “reigns” every flipping time? Yes…yes you did. D’oh!) and approving/rejecting them and making sure that it doesn’t screw something else up can be a bit tedious. But, just think of how awesome it’ll be when you’re done! Yay! šŸ™‚

  2. I agree completely. It is slow going but I am seeing chapters come to life. I am so excited for this project to be completed! It is beginning to fee like a real book and not just an extremely long word doc!
    Also, congrats on your book! I am glad you survived the editing process. šŸ™‚

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