For a couple months I was saying I wanted to have my book published by the end of August. For the past couple weeks I’ve been saying I want to have my book published by this fall.
Now? I have no clue when I will publish my book!

I am self-publishing, and since this is my first book I am taking this experience as a trial-run. The only deadlines I have I have inflicted upon myself, although it kind of sucks that they keep changing. Part of the problem was I was not expecting the edits to take as long as they are. I should have taken that into account. I also was not expecting to plan on hiring another editor. I was hoping I would be in the clear after hiring one editor, but my love of run-on sentences and other not-as-little-as-one-might-hope grammar things makes a copy editor a good investment. I want this book to look professional. I’m not going to give self-publishing a bad name!

Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is that deadlines are tricky. I do want to have my book published by the fall (late September) but it’s hard to say if that is going to happen. It is also frustrating to not have someone holding a concrete deadline over my head. I want to say when my book will be published and ready for reading but I honestly don’t know. I am planning on having the edits applied to the book by the end of next week and hopefully by then I will have heard back from the copy-editor I contacted. Then, well, who knows how long it will be!

Does anyone else have deadline issues? I can’t be the only one! 🙂

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