Edits Update!

I received a letter from my editor about my MS in general. She’s sending me a paper copy with all of her extensive edits but for now she emailed me a basic write-up of what she noticed. I went into reading this with an open mind, and while I occasionally gave myself a little kick in the leg, I agreed with the overall points she made.

It looks like the most work I need to put into the book is in moving the plot. I was reading a lot of Tolkien as I wrote The Healing Pool, and some of the slow-paced moments from his influence worked into my book. While I personally like taking time middle-schoolers are less patient. They are my future audience. Their opinions matter more than anyone!

I will need to make many cuts in the book in addition to clarifying all of the characters and their locations. This is do-able but my one sadness is that I think it will take more time that I was planning on. I want this book to be good, and after reading the editor’s notes I know I’ll need to be extra vigilant and picky to make this work. I’m also a little upset that it looks like I really need to hire a line-editor. Apparently I have an affinity for run-on sentences. Oh well, maybe I’ll ask for a line-editor for my birthday…

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