Rejection is not all bad

Rejection letters are hard to receive but they are not the worst things ever. Rejection letters are typically professional and vague but not insulting. There’s usually an apology for the cookie-cutter rejection letters for being non-specific, but no matter what there is usually a bit of encouragement to keep writing and to keep looking for the right person to represent the book.

I received a rejection letter last night from an editor I forgot about completely! S/he did not choose to represent me, but this rejection was the most encouraging letter I have received thus far. There are so many variables when it comes to commercial publishing and this agent was simply being honest. I respect that.

I hope that you have received good rejection letters. They are learning experiences, not slaps on the wrist. They are not insulting (even if they are disappointing) and they should be taken with a grain of salt. We all have books we hate and books we love, it is not out fault that a few agents don’t like our MS. That is normal and expected. There are only so many agents while there are millions of readers. Agents cannot speak for everyone, they are just honest about the market and their own opinions.

(This is the actual rejection letter!)
Dear Linnea,

Thank you for your query, which I enjoyed reading because I thought you wrote well.

I have to commend you for a strong first chapter and your choice of characters. Your excerpt was action-packed and it definitely kept me reading on and on.

However, I will have to say no in this instance because I didn’t think the plot was compelling enough in today’s competitive market.

Remember that this is only one opinion and your work may be just what another agency is looking for. I wish you success in your future publishing efforts.

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