Tweet Tweet

So I joined twitter (@Linnea_Garcia) but I’m still not entirely sure why people are into it.  I was skeptical with Facebook before I joined and since it has pulled me into its social-media life-sucking abyss.  Twitter I just can’t figure out.  I see the infamous # all over the place and I get how that connects, but as someone who doesn’t really care about the inner lives of celebrities I am struggling with keeping a straight face through this!  I know the more social media exposure I get the better for my book so I am sticking with it.  I just wish I could understand it a bit better!


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2 responses to “Tweet Tweet

  1. I actually use my Twitter for professional purposes. A good handful of scientists use it to communicate new research/ideas and to talk about issues in the field beyond the science itself. It’s a great tool that allows for voices to be heard that may not have been otherwise. Maybe it could be useful for you in a similar way?

  2. That is a brilliant idea! I am starting to explore Twitter a little more and it does seem to be more than just stalking celebrities! I found plenty of publishers on Twitter yesterday so I can keep up with what kinds of books are popular and who is publishing what. Thanks for the comment!

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