New Goals-Revisited

So the joys of attending school with a quarter system means that I just got done with finals yesterday.  This means that I have been spending waaaaay too much time typing, but none of those hours have been spent on MS.

(I shouldn’t say none, I edited part of my first picture book MS in the heat of finals in a moment of creative desperation)

SO!  Now that I am home for the summer I want to re-visit my “new goals” post that I posted not too long ago.  I want to write in at least one of my MS everyday.  I have 2 novels that need attention (I can finish at least one this summer if I stick to my goals!) and I have several ideas for PBs.  The PBs are more for fun.  One of the girls I babysit for always asks me to “read out of my head” so I am constantly thinking of stories.  Not all of them are great, but I think I have some winners.  I need to do more research in the world of PBs before I start querying anyone.  I also have no budget for an illustrator right now so….

Anyway, I am more than excited to get my YA MS on its way to novelhood!  I send my MS to my editor at the end of the month and so by mid-July I should have my edits!  In the mean time I get to deal with formatting (woo….) and swapping ideas with my cover artist.

This is real and I am so excited!  This is only my first book and I have so much to learn, but I feel like I am taking all of the right steps. Once the book is officially published I am going to start hitting some local libraries and bookstores pretty heavy to advertise and set-up some book signings and sales.  Ahh!  So much to do and I can’t wait for every moment of it!


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