First Critique Group!

I have just helped organize a critique group with SCBWI.  I was flipping through their discussion boards and responded to a woman looking for an online critique group.  I put together a google doc, more people joined, and we are ready to go!  I am very excited to be a part of a critique group of other amateur children’s book authors.  The only other critique groups I have been in are for school projects and those never seem to lead to anything.  I think this one will work though since we all want to receive feedback on our MSs and help each other out as well.  So far I have only met good people via SCBWI!

For this critique group I am going to use it for a couple picture book MSs that I have started.  My finished novel The Healing Pool I think is good to go and I have already hired an editor, and I think most of the people in our group are also working on picture books or children’s fiction.  The PBs I have started were really fun to put together.  One of the little kids I babysit for always wants me to “read a story out of my head” so I was inspired to write some things down.  All of the PBs I have now involve animals in some way.  A couple rhyme, one is for toddlers, and a couple have more depth to the story.  One is about Syd.  I mean, who wouldn’t love a tiny and adorable dwarf hamster?


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