New Goals

This school year is dragging on and I cannot help but feel jealous as I see pictures of friends graduating and hearing when people get back home.  I still have four more weeks.  Four.  And it’s hard to keep my motivation up, especially since I am not wow-ed by either of my classes this term.  I have also found it very difficult to keep writing.  I have a few books started, but I can feel that 2 of them are really going somewhere.  Yet with all of my school work and practicing that needs to be done it is almost impossible to safe enough time and/or brain space for another novel.  

I have decided I need to change something.  I have decided that I am going to write everyday in one of my novels.  Steven King has a whole rule about how he must write at least 2000 words a day.  I understand passion and dedication, but right now I need to take things a little slower.  I have enough pressure to finish homework on time which is why I have decided to stay away from a daily word-count quota.  My goal is just to write everyday.  If I write three words one day and 3000 words the next, so be it.  I love writing, I want it to eventually become my full-time career, but right now I also have grades and school and other aspects of life to worry about. 

Habits are everything and I am a creature of habit.  I also love routine, so writing needs to become part of my daily routine.  If I can shower, stretch, and brush my teeth every single day, why can’t I also write a little every day?  

(I wrote 724 words today!  Woo!)


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