I am ready to publish my book.  I have an editor signed up, a cover artist ready to go, and the guts to try and format it myself.  Only I have to wait.  My editor is booked until July and my cover artist will not be able to start until after graduation in June, leaving me sitting on my hands vibrating with anticipation. 

It’s not like I don’t have things to do. I have four more weeks of school with papers and projects to prepare.  I have started another book that needs a bit of research that should be easy and interesting to collect.  I should probably try to research formatting so I will not be totally in the dark…yet I am eager to finally finish this project!  I have a long history of starting books and never finishing them.  I did finish a manuscript, I have edited it myself (twice), but I am still nervous about waiting!  I am ready to start my career as an author and explore the complicated world of advertising and marketing.  I want to be successful, but I need a published book first!

I think part of my impatience is coming from still being in school.  I am tired.  I am wiped out from the stress, bored of my classes, and getting sick of practicing!  I know that I have better classes next year (senior year!!) and I am eager to find a summer job in the near future.  Anticipation is something that I do not like to deal with.  I like for things to be completed, yet as much as I want to live in the Now I am constantly thinking of the Next.

It is not always a bad thing to think of the future.  At least I know that I have opportunities waiting for me.  An editor will give me suggestions for my book to be better.  I will learn how to format a book on some DIY publishing website.  I have a good friend designing my book cover and we can work together to find the right one.  Anticipation is exciting.  Patience is virtue.  Good things always come with time.  I have things to keep me busy and for the time being and I have to focus on the Now to keep me from dreaming about the Next.  I just hate waiting!


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