Making Friends with SCBWI

I was told by a couple books to join the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and I decided I might as well.  I was not expecting a fee but I sucked up my gut and decided to go for it.  I wasn’t about to waste any money, so I began exploring and clicking on things and spiffing up my profile.  I also decided to send a random note to an author.  I saw he was self-published and thought it couldn’t hurt to ask a couple questions.  He has been the best!  He’s told me so much about his experiences and other things to check out for children’s book authors and how to advertise in local bookstores.  It’s been so much fun making contact with an author, especially someone who is so down to earth.

I also started a couple of discussions on discussion boards and immediately received feedback.  Everyone is so supportive and helpful it has been a wonderful experience already, and I’ve only been a member for a matter of days!  Joining SCBWI also got me inspired to start this blog.  There is a slot for websites and another one for blogs.  I do not have the know-how to create a whole website just yet, but I thought I might as well start a blog to get my name out there.  Networking is such an important part of life, and I am so glad that there is such a large community of authors who are so willing to help me out!


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