I Have an Editor!

Woo!  I just sent an email confirming that I would like to hire the editor Chris Boch.  I crunched some numbers and compared to the other editors I found I can afford her (which is a plus) and she seems to have the right kind of editing my book is looking for.  She looks for holes in the plot, character development, chapter endings, and “show don’t tell” sections to be ironed out.  I am nervous about sending off my manuscript to be read by someone who isn’t my family, but I am also excited to be getting constructive feedback that will make the book more engaging and more efficient in its story telling!  Ahh!  I really want her to start now, but she will not be able to start editing until July.  I need to take a step back and be patient, but I am just so eager to get started, especially since everything is falling into place.  Erin won’t be able to finish the cover until summer either, so all the more reason to wait.  Good things take time.  Besides, it will give me a chance to work with a new book idea I have…


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