Self-Publishing Plan! (as of right now)

I talked to a worker from today about my options to self-publish.  At this point all I really want are an editor, an ISBN, a format template, and an artist to make a cover.  I can’t really pick and choose parts of a plan from LuLu which sucks.  The cheapest LuLu plan is $999 which is a little steep…

I did discover on the LuLu website that they have free templates for formatting books in their DIY (do it yourself) section!  This will make my life easier (I think) since I can format the book myself for free and then publish through their website free of charge.  I have no idea how frustrating formatting is just yet but I will figure that out soon enough!

Before I start formatting I need to get the book edited.  The problem is, my book is 101,000 words long and the editors at LuLu charge per word.  I emailed an editor and I am waiting to hear back from her about an estimate.  Hopefully I can get the edit under $1000, but honestly if I can find a high-quality editor to both check for spelling/grammatical errors and content edit that would be awesome and worth the expense.  I want my book to make sense and read well and an editor is necessary to smooth out those little road bumps!

Another exciting thing about LuLu is that they offer a free ISBN, but I decided on a whim to check up on that.  After a little research I realized that taking an ISBN from a publishing website is making them the publishers.  That means that if a company/agent/etc. contacts the publisher to inquire about my book no one will get in touch with me.  I was bummed to hear this but I do want to be in control of my own book, especially since I want to start my writing career with this YA novel!  It will be worth it in the end, but I am still crunching the numbers to see if my full-time student budget can pull this together!


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