Self Publishing is Hard!

So I am being a good person and doing all my research for self-publishing my first novel, but it’s hard!  There is so much out there!  At this point my goal is to avoid all vanity publishers and do as much work myself.  The writing and my personal edits are done, but I still need to get an editor, format the manuscript, hire someone to create the cover, and then send it off to a self-publishing company.

At this point I am leaning towards to help me with publishing.  I got a call from “Logan” the other day asking to set up an appointment time with me.  Right now all I think I want from LuLu is for them to publish my book as a paperback and then I can pay them to format and publish it as an ebook.  I also need an ISBN, I hope they can provide for that too!

It is so tempting to just buy one of the packages that LuLu, CreateSpace, etc. companies offer.  It certainly would make my life easier, but according to the people helping me on a SCBWI discussion board the prices of these companies are insane!  I need to do more research and get an estimate from an editor a few people have recommended.

Such a process!!  Hopefully the second book will be easier…


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